Exhibition Area: 10,000 square feet

Client: Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnologia

Location: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Completion Date: December 2009

Sustaining Puerto Rico is the main exhibition at the newly created Centro Criollo de Ciencia y Tecnologia in Caguas. This highly interactive exhibition examines the island and its inhabitants amidst a broader global story. The primary focus will be on sustainability and the dynamics of systems - from each individual, to the island itself and its place in the world: our bodies, our island, our planet.

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Exhibition Floor Plan for Sustaining Puerto Rico - Ground Floor

The large open gallery space is anchored by three "cubes": the introduction theater near the entrance, the laboratory, and a sustainable house exhibit. A series of curved walls subtly guide visitor flow. Overhead banners announce each zone's theme.

Photo Credits: Dennis Finnin, Carol Huang & Tony Morales